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Fungus! Weeds! Old barns! Oh my!

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Do you celebrate the little wins? And find joy in the simple things in life? Or do you get stuck looking at things like they are weeds and fungus? Do you get stuck in the overwhelm?

On my morning walk, I was noticing all the little things. A pretty little mushroom growing in a field. Really pretty flowers on the side of the road. How an old barn looked across the field that I have seen a million times.

My point is… our perspective can shift depending on how we decide to look at things and see the world 💡

I could have just seen a fungus messing up the freshly cut field, weeds that need to be cut back from the side of the road and an old barn across a field that probably needs to be mowed soon. Instead, those things made me smile! They brought me joy ❤️

We tend to do the same with our interactions with our kids and maybe even our partners, family members or friends. We can CHOOSE to find all the annoying, “bad” stuff they do (or don’t do). We can also CHOOSE the happier path of celebrating all the things they do and what they do well! Guess what? When we choose that route, we will continue to see more of the good because that’s our focus.

When it comes to behavior, we we see what we attend to because that’s what’s been given attention and that’s what we have praised! That person will do more of that because…they want your praise and your enthusiastic attention! Give it to them for the good stuff that you want to see more of!

Find the Joy!

That’s my challenge to you for the weekend… Find the joy and then come back on Monday and share what you found in our private Facebook Group: Empowered Parents

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Be well,


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