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The Estuary Center

Oregon (OR)

7475 SW Oleson Rd, Portland, OR 97223, USA

Providing services to individuals 13-18 years of age with an Autism diagnosis. Offering clinic-based services.

The Estuary Center is a nonprofit, skill-building organization serving teens and adults with autism.
The Estuary Center’s therapeutic approach is centered in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with a modernized perspective and application. Our emphasis is on community-based and natural environment learning. The dignity, uniqueness, safety and autonomy of our students is paramount, and the skills we teach are all focused on helping students live a life of their choosing. All goals are set in collaboration with students and their families/caregivers, with a focus on independence, community connection, and passion-driven engagement/employment.

While our therapy program strives to teach students the skills needed to thrive, our community outreach is of equal importance. We are committed to advocacy as one of our core values. We view ourselves as a catalyst for autism acceptance, and form strong partnerships with our neighborhood businesses, programs, leaders and members. We educate our students’ communities on the challenges and strengths of autism, to see the value each autistic individual brings, and give them the foundational understanding needed to form meaningful and lasting relationships.

The Estuary Center utilizes a trauma-informed approach to ABA services. This means services and care for each student is highly personalized and student-led, with a focus on student assent, increased opportunities for students to make meaningful choices in an enriched environment, and by monitoring emotional and behavioral responses to the services they receive.

In this approach, every behavior is viewed through an expanded, sensitive clinical lens, one that considers the many experiences and setting events that may influence a person’s behavior.

No waitlist

Insurance accepted-Currently we are contracted with Optum, Moda, Aetna, Regence BCBS and are in the process of contracting and credentialing with other insurance providers.

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