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Directory of Self-Reported
Assent-Based and
ABA Providers

*Disclaimer: Empower Self-Care and Consulting does not have firsthand knowledge of these providers or their practices.  This is simply a directory of  ABA providers who SELF-IDENTIFY as assent-based and/or neurodivergent-affirming.  This is in no way a referral or recommendation. 

Please do your own due diligence that each provider you choose

to work with is meeting your needs and aligns with your values. 

In order to make it as safe and accessible as possible for families and neurodivergent individuals, this resource is under review. A group of neurodivergent individuals is working on a way to clearly identify providers who truly prioritize assent-based and ND affirming care.  Another imperative piece of this review will be to establish a way to hold oneself and others accountable for their actions in regard to offering support to the neurodivergent community.

This resource will remain, as is, until the revised resource becomes available.

TIP: In order to more easily find providers that match your needs, you can use CONTROL + F to search the page for your state/country/territory.

Mindful Behavior, LLC

Accepting clients across USA and internationally

BEing yoU

Accepting clients nationwide and in Texas (TX)

Catalyst Behaviour Services Ltd.

Alberta, Canada (CAN)

Aster Rose ABA

Arizona (AZ)

Enhanced Living Centers, LLC

Arizona (AZ)

Perseus Learning Center

Arizona (AZ)

Centria Healthcare

Arizona (AZ), California (CA), Georgia (GA), Indiana (IN), Maryland (MD), Massachusetts (MA), Michigan (MI), Oregon (OR), New Mexico (NM), Texas (TX), Virginia (VA)

BehaviorAlly LLC

Arizona (AZ), Washington (WA)

Twice Affirming Behavioral Health

California (CA), Georgia (GA), Idaho (ID), Maryland (MD), North Carolina (NC), Texas (TX), Virginia (VA), International services available in English.

Behavioral Learning Network

California (CA), Maine (ME), Massachusetts (MA), New Hampshire (NH), Oregon (OR)

Behavior Balance Point, LLC

Colorado (CO)

Building Foundations Behavior Services

Colorado (CO)

Elevation Ability Services

Colorado (CO)

Continuum Behavioral Health

Colorado (CO), Delaware (DE), Florida (FL), Georgia (GA), Hawaii (HI), Illinois (IL), Kansas (KS), Maryland (MD), New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA), Tennessee (TN), Texas (TX), Utah (UT), Virginia (VA), Kentucky (KY), Wyoming (WY), Washington, D.C.


Connecticut (CT), Maryland (MD), South Carolina (SC)


Delaware (DE), Maryland (MD), New Jersey (NJ)

Southlake Autism and Behavior Services

Florida (FL)

Shaping Stars LLC

Florida (FL)

Acorn Health

Florida (FL)

AMA Behavioral Consulting

Florida (FL)

Catalyst Behavior Solutions

Florida (FL), Minnesota (MN), Texas (TX), Utah (UT), Wyoming (WY), South Dakota (SD)

Peachtree Autism Services

Georgia (GA)

SOAR Behavior Analysis Services

Georgia (GA)

Blue Skies ABA

Georgia (GA)

Summit Autism Center of Atlanta, Inc.

Georgia (GA)

Behavioral Science Center, LLC

Georgia (GA)

Momentum Agencies

Illinois (IL)

Natalia Burgos, BCBA (Burgos Behavior LLC)

Illinois (IL)

Action Behavior Centers

Illinois (IL), Colorado (CO), North Carolina (NC), Arizona (AZ), Texas (TX)

Supportive Community Innovations

Indiana (IN)

Behavioral Analytic Services


Anchor Behavior Therapy

Kentucky (KY), Ohio (OH)

Evoke Special needs and services Co.


Prism Behavioral Consulting (New Orleans)

Louisiana (LA)

Joyful Behavior Analytic Services

Maryland (MD)

Learning My Way

Maryland (MD)

Divine Steps Therapy

Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA)

Community Mental Health for Central Michigan Autism Program

Michigan (MI)

Autism Systems

Michigan (MI)

Stacy millman/aba beans

Michigan (MI), New Jersey (NJ), California (CA), Colorado (CO)

Astra Day School/Kansas City Autism Training Center

Missouri (MO), Kansas (KS)

Impact ABA Services

Nevada (NV)

Reinvent Behavioral Consulting, LLC

New Hampshire (NH)

Graham Behavior Services

New Jersey (NJ)

Brielle Spangenberg

New Jersey (NJ)

Mission Cognition

New Jersey (NJ)

Penelope Holloway

New Jersey (NJ)

Jennifer Benna Consulting

New Jersey (NJ)

Potential Inc & Springtime School

New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA)

Rogue Autism Rebels

New Mexico (NM)

Balance Speech and Behavior

New Mexico (NM)

Meaningful Change Learning Services

New Mexico (NM)

Finni Health

New Mexico (NM), Virginia (VA)

Full Circle Pediatric Solutions

North Dakota

North Dakota Autism Center

North Dakota (ND)

Valley Behavioral Health, LLC

Ohio (OH)

ABA Therapy Solutions - Cleveland

Ohio (OH)

Stephanie Huerta

Oklahoma (OK)

Progressive Steps Training and Consultation Inc.

Ontario, Canada

Behavioral Imprints LLC

Oregon (OR)

The Estuary Center

Oregon (OR)

Hummingbird ABA Therapy

Pennsylvania (PA)

Beyond Autism Services

Pennsylvania (PA), Delaware (DE)

Navigate Behaviors

Rhode Island (RI)

Stars Behaviour Services

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Aba Acessivel

São Paulo, Brazil

Shaping Solutions LLC

Texas (TX)

Tier 3 Montessori

Texas (TX)

Little Spurs Autism Centers

Texas (TX)

Lake Pointe Resource Center

Texas (TX)

Kids Thrive

Texas (TX)


Utah (UT)

Little Ripples ABA Therapy LLC

Virginia (VA)

APPLE Consulting, PLLC

Washington (WA)

ALTI Behavior and Consulting

Washington (WA)

FTF Credentialing Directory

Z- Locate Credentialed PFA/SBT Providers across the world

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