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Biggest Meltdown Triggers

Does your child engage in challenging behaviors like tantrums, hitting, kicking, screaming, throwing, etc? If so, you aren't alone!

In my private group, Empowered Parents, I polled the group to find out what the biggest triggers were for their are the results:

41% answered-Being told "no"

14% answered-Changes in routine

14% answered-Inability to communicate

8% answered-Other people

8% answered-Waiting

Other triggers noted were being given directions, interruptions and certain places.

But there is GOOD NEWS! I offer a simple, 10 step program delivered across 4 months with DAILY support so we stay on track and make consistent progress in building your child's communication, social, tolerance and cooperation skills!

Since I work outside of the systems that are plagued by long waitlists and red program does NOT require a diagnosis! My program also does NOT have a waitlist! I can get to work helping you IMMEDIATELY! No waiting, no wondering, no worry about what will happen as the months or years fly by without the support you so desperately need...

If you are a caregiver of a young child who is just beginning to engage in challenging behaviors OR worried about skill deficits, you DO NOT need to wait until these behaviors become unmanageable before you get help. You need and deserve support as soon as you have concerns about your child's skill deficits and/or challenging behaviors-diagnosis or not.

If you are ready to get your child the help they deserve, to build important life skills like all those triggers up above...schedule a Breaking Down Barriers Call and you could be getting the help you need and deserve within ONE WEEK of the call!

Check out my private Facebook Group: Empowered Parents, would love to have you join us!

Be well,


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