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ABA is outrageously expensive (in many ways)

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

I was doing a cost analysis recently on how much private pay ABA costs…WOW!

On the low end...

2 hours per week of BCBA 10 hours a week of RBT (tech) = $4,000 PER MONTH (This is usually the smallest amount recommended)

On the higher end...

4 hours per week of BCBA 40 hours per week of RBT =$16,000 PER MONTH (This is usually the most)

These numbers are PER MONTH!


I cannot even imagine footing that bill.

How do people even afford that?!

It kind of makes me nauseous.

Mind. Blown.

Also, those are A LOT of hours for a kid.

Not to mention the intrusion on your family life and that of your other children.

That is a lot of hours to accommodate.

Wouldn't it be amazing if there was another way??

A life changing investment that doesn't require a second mortgage or

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Guess what?


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