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Publication date: TBA (2024)

Nurturing Safety and Connection in Neurodiverse Families:
A Wellness Workbook for Caregivers

My neurodivergent brain created this workbook for caregivers to help light the way for those experiencing stress, feelings of isolation and burnout.  Although the workbook was created with burned out, neurodiverse families in mind, it could certainly also be impactful for those who just want to take a deeper dive into wellness, stress, values and resources!

Topics discussed: caregiver burnout, safety, neurodiverse families, how burnout may present in your life, discovering your needs as the caregiver, exploring coping mechanisms, overview of neurodiversity, building support networks, navigating resources, emergency preparedness.

Disclaimer: This workbook was created as a result of my personal experience as a neurodivergent human, a partner and caregiver in a neurodiverse household and my professional experience as an educator and behavior analyst working with families from many backgrounds and means. As a late diagnosed, cisgender, white, middle class, woman, in an affluent area of the U.S., I acknowledge that I may have a different world view and lived experience than others. I do not claim to be all knowing or have all the answers or represent all neurodivergent humans and/or families. My area of expertise and lived experience is mostly within ADHD, Autism, OCD and anxiety, therefore those are the areas that this book will focus upon.

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