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Maintenance Package (1:1)

Maintenance Package (1:1)

Who is this for?

Families who have completed my other programs and just need some maintenance while they continue to work as a family using the strategies they learned!


What does this include?

-1 hour per month

-Can be used in- anyway you choose: 15 minutes per week, 30 minutes bi-weekly, a 1 hour monthly check-in

-Option to send video check-ins, live check-ins, texting support, etc.

*Tailored to YOUR needs as you continue to use and troubleshoot all the good stuff you've learned during your time with me.


-Ask questions

-Troubleshoot and strategize

-Maintain the progress you've already made!

-Suggestions on how to navigate resources


What is this NOT

-It is not therapy

-It is not crisis or 911, if you are having a mental health emergency or an emergency of any kind, you must contact your nearest crisis center OR emergency services (9-1-1 in U.S.)

-It is not continuous contact

-This is not for learning anything NEW, this is strictly maintenance.

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    Price Options
    1:1 Coaching (year)
    $81.00every month for 12 months
    1: Coaching (6 mon)
    $90.00every month for 6 months
    1:1 Coaching (3 mon)
    $100.00every month for 3 months
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