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Empowering neurodiverse families in supporting their children as they

build foundational life skills that increase safety and prevent dangerous behaviors

Compassionate, Respectful, Assent-based

Empower Self-Care and Consulting, Ashley Keller, Assent-based, Compassionate, Respectful

My name is Ashley Keller, I run this FREE, private FB group to support families who have noticed that their child experiences the world differently!  In our current medical model, this may be discussed as skill deficits and emerging problem behaviors.  Too many families are falling through the cracks of our broken system.  Families deserve support as soon as they notice concerns with their kiddos...not 3+ years later after they have jumped through all the hoops to get evaluated and get comprehensive services in place (and that's only if they have the "right" diagnosis!).  By that time, it's possible that due to the lack of support, the child has resorted to behaviors such as aggression, self-injury, elopement and property destruction to get their needs met. Parents may be feeling burned out, the kiddo and other family members may be experiencing extreme stress due to the lack of support. This can result in recommendations for intense therapy and intervention.


If you are a caregiver of a young child who has sees the world differently and requires additional supports in the areas of communication and social skills as well as struggles with changes in routine, transitions, interruptions and being told "no" OR your child is beginning to engage in behaviors that place themselves or others in DO NOT need to wait until things become unmanageable before you get help! You need and deserve support from others who understand your lived experience NOW, as well as from a trained professional (me!).  Come on in and get real with us!  Ask questions, give support, be part of the growing community-we would love to have you!

I am a Neurodivergent Parenting Coach with 20+ years of experience.  I specialize in coaching families in their parent-child interactions. I am also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), certified special (and regular) education teacher, with a background in psychology!

Screenshot from private FB group of parent having a moment of clarity based on Ashley Keller's information
Screenshot from private FB group of parent introducing herself and another parent sharing it's a great group.


In order to be considered for this PARENT and CAREGIVER support group, 

you MUST answer the questions and agree to the group rules.

If you would like to show appreciation for the free resources and support I provide to families,

please feel free to do so HERE

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