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Beyond Autism Services

Pennsylvania (PA), Delaware (DE)

1646 West Chester Pike suite 4, West Chester, PA 19382, USA

Providing services to individuals 0-21 years of age (Autism diagnosis required in PA). Offering clinic-based, home and community, parent coaching and collaboration, social skills group and more.

We take measures to train all of our staff (from BT/RBT to lead clinician-BCBA/OT/SLP to administrative) from a trauma-informed lens on providing therapy services to our clients. We utilize The Today's ABA model to ensure we prioritize teaching Functional Communication Methods with a Total Communication Approach first and foremost. We model and teach with our staff utilizing procedures that limit/alleviate physical prompting or contact that is not initiated or consented by the client (for example, a child wants to be picked up and reaches for the adult VS an adult initiates pick up and the child moves away from them- the adult should not physically pick the child up, unless a safety concern is prevalent such as near or in a street/parking lot). We take teachable and supported measures to ensure that progressive, televisable, interventions for behavior reduction are utilized across our clinicians and clients.

I could continue on for much longer but I'd be happy to connect about additional ways we ensure high-quality, diverse, and kind therapy is provided continuously for all of our clients and families!

We would love to be a part of this initiative and are so happy to see this type of comprehensive list being attainable to all families across the globe!

No waitlist

Insurance accepted - All major commercial insurances

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