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Behavioral Analytic Services


Rome, Italy

Providing services to kids and adolescents with diagnosis of Autism and other disabilities. Offering home and community services, clinic-based, telehealth, parent coaching and collaboration.

We use and open door treatment; allow the client to go way anytime; follow his lead; don't use coercion; honoring requests for cessation; create a contest in which the client is happy and relaxed; recognize signs for each patient and honor when patients withdraw assent.

Behavioral Analytic Services is a clinical and training center that offers behavioral analytical services of excellence aimed at supporting people diagnosed with Autism and other disabilities, rehabilitation and social institutions, professionals working in the ABA field. At Behavioral Analytic Services, the application of safe, ethical, effective and dignified treatments to reduce problem behavior is a priority. Evaluation treatments and reduction of severe problem behaviors, stereotypies and food selectivity are carried out, at home, school and rehabilitation centers, through direct consultancy and/or remotely to teach the implementation of protocols of excellence that have demonstrated scientific validity such as the Pratical Functional Assessment and Skill Based Treatment by Prof. Gregory Hanley.
Dr. Floriana Canniello is the Clinical director and founder. She is a BCBA certified psychologist, psychotherapist and behavior analyst (Board Certified Behavior Analyst® BCBA®). She is certified international level 6 as Supervisor for the implementation of the Practical Functional Assessment and Skill based treatment of G. Hanley for the reduction of severe problem behaviors.

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+39 348-242-6539

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