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You and your family can FIND PEACE

  • Four-month, evidence-based prevention program that is assent-based, parent-child interaction centered and compassionate 

  • 10 steps to build: social skills, self-advocacy, communication, tolerance and cooperation

  • Individual Coaching sessions twice per week to keep the momentum moving through the program that is specifically designed for families like yours.

  • Included access to a platform for you to upload one of your daily practice sessions on days we don't meet live. This allows me to provide you with the consistent feedback and support you need (and deserve) to make consistent, meaningful progress! 

  • Exclusive access to Stress Less for Better Parenting to help YOU, as the caregiver, combat stress and burnout.

Application for Finding Peace Beyond the Spectrum

Thanks for applying! We’ll get back to you shortly.

Flyer for Finding Peace Beyond the Spectrum.  4 month prevention program
Flyer for Finding Peace Beyond the Spectrum.  4 month prevention program

Your child:

Your child does NOT:

  • engage in severe aggression where people are getting injured

  • engage in SIB, PICA, property destruction or elopement that results injuries or actual property damage

  • PLEASE NOTE: The services I offer here are meant to PREVENT delays and emerging problem behaviors from turning into dangerous behaviors.  Serious dangerous behaviors where people are being injured or property is being destroyed requires comprehensive services that are beyond the scope of the programs I offer.​

You are:

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