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Receive the support you deserve!

Have you noticed that your child finds it challenging to communicate and socialize in ways that feel meaningful to them? Do they experience difficulty with regulation and show distress during changes in routine, transitions, interruptions, or sensory stimuli? If this resonates with your child's experience, I would be honored to support you and your family.


I provide neurodivergent-affirming, assent-based support that prioritizes safety, respect, and the parent-child bond. My expertise lies in collaborating with neurodiverse families to offer support that is tailored to your unique needs and circumstances. My goal is to work with you to identify your child's unmet needs and address environmental factors that all contribute to the behaviors we see from children who are overwhelmed, misunderstood and have no other way to make their distress known and get their needs met. We will use this new understanding and information they are giving us to develop a plan to remove barriers which will reduce stress on your child, your family and allow you all to thrive.


I can offer immediate assistance, even while you await evaluations, diagnoses, specialist appointments, or comprehensive services. With my background as a Neurodivergent Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and certified special education teacher with training in psychology and nutrition, I provide compassionate, child-centered services that uphold your child's dignity. Let's work together to support your family's journey towards a fulfilling and balanced life.


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What People Are Saying

Our experience with the program has been quite literally life changing.  We have been re-wired in the best possible way with our parenting.  Our experience with the program has helped give our daughter her voice, even sometimes without words.  We have been blown away by things we've learned in the program.  Again, life altering in the very best way.​

We are extremely thankful for the program and for Ashley!  Our lives are better and our future feels like a hopeful space now, where it didn't before.

My only regret is that we waited so long to get started with you!  Your knowledge and expertise are me, we have gone through many other providers and not one, NOT ONE, has shown us the kind professionalism and this level of critical support that you have in these past few months.  You are incredible and the world needs many more of you.

You are changing this world for our kids and there will never be a way we can repay you for this.  The fact that you are putting yourself out there and offering to support these families that everyone else is failing and showing us a new  Every family should get a chance to hear what you are saying and see that us and our kids can live an empowered, happy and safe life.  Thank you for showing us there is a better way that doesn't feel like torture. Thank you so much.

Who do I support?

  • Parents and caregivers of neurodivergent children. Autism and ADHD are my biggest two, however, I also support families of children and adults with IDD and other diagnoses.

  • Parents and caregivers who just feel like they are struggling and need support. These families often do not have a formal diagnosis, but may suspect.

  • Individuals looking to attain better health and wellness. Maybe their stress levels are affecting their health, relationships and overall wellbeing. Maybe they are struggling with a specific health concern and nothing else has worked so they are looking into holistic and foundational care to support their entire body.

  • Caregivers of individuals living with neuroimmune disorders such as PANS/PANDAS.  I am a mama to a kiddo who is both neurodivergent and has a neuroimmune condition. This fact, along with my background in behavior, psychology and education, allows me to truly understand the lived experience of these families. These caregivers have shared that they find it helpful to work with me to care for themselves as well as their children.  It has been repeatedly shared with me that most therapists and other services "just don't get it because they haven't lived it".


If you aren't feeling your best and know that something isn't right, but you are being told by conventional medicine that "you are fine".  If all the tests are coming back negative, but you are constantly sick, exhausted and maybe suffering from headaches, joint pain, brain fog and other weird symptoms, let's chat! 



If you are a parent who is overwhelmed or just wants support to offer their child neuaroffirming support, YOU can support your child in a way that validates their lived experience. With support and validation, stress levels for both your child and the family unit as a whole will decrease. All humans want to feel heard! Making the decision to support your child in this way is an investment in their future.

Go from worrying about the future to being empowered to collaborate with and support your kiddo.

* Coaching services delivered via telehealth

* Private pay only; Insurance not accepted

* Payment plans available

Empowering families to support their children to be true to themselves, as well as building foundational life skills to increase safety and prevent unnecessary stress

"We don't see things as they are; 

we see them as we are."

- Anais Nin

Ashley Keller, owner and lead parent coach supporting families parenting neurodivergent kids smiling and walking.
Providing support that is:
  • Compassionate

  • Respectful

  • Child-centered

  • Neurodivergent-affirming

  • Evidence-based

  • Assent-based 

  • Trauma-assumed

  • Meaningful

  • Proactive

  • Empowering

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